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Wildlife Safari

Located in the small and scenic town of Winston, Wildlife Safari serves as a major attraction for family adventures in the Umpqua Valley. Each year approximately 150,000 people visit the park, making it one of Oregon’s favorite visitor destination points. Here you can drive through a 600-acre pre­serve and see over 550 animals and over 76 species from Africa, Asia and North America roam freely in the park. They are dedicated to conservation, education and research of native and exotic wildlife. Beginning in 1972, with the dream of Frank Hart who had the vision of creating a facility in the Pacific Northwest that would help save rare and endangered species from around the world, this non-profit has continued to do exactly what it had intended to do.


Wildlife Images

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1981 by renowned wildlife rehabilitator J. David Siddon. The facility was created in order to provide for the care and treatment of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Wildlife Images has since expanded to provide educational programs on wildlife, conservation, and the environment to schools, organizations and the general public. The Center, and its programs and activities are a direct outgrowth and continuation of the late Founder J. David Siddon’s personal involvement with wildlife rehabilitation and education for more than 40 years. The center currently operates under the direction of David Siddon Jr., who continues on with his father’s mission.


Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Klamath Basin

The Klamath Basin is renowned for its wide diversity and abundance of bird life due to its diverse habitats including marshes, open water, coniferous forest, Juniper woodlands, oak-chaparral, sagebrush-grasslands, grassy meadow and rocky cliffs. The Klamath Basin is a bird lovers paradise as over 350 species of birds call this major Pacific Flyway layover home.


Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge

In Lake County, check out the Summer Lake Basin and the thousands of migratory birds that feed there in the Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge and Chewaucan Marshes. The Summer Lake Basin supports more than 250 species, including bald eagles, Canada geese, White Faced Ibis, Yellow-headed blackbirds, Goshawks, Hermit Thrushes, Red-tail hawks and Great Blue Herons.

Fort Rock 2

Lake County

Birders will find opportunities to view everything from migratory songbirds, to upland game birds to nesting waterfowl. As the elevation climbs from 4,600 feet at the ranch base to 5,400 feet in the high meadows, it is amazing to see the vegetation and the variety of birds change. Eagle sightings are fairly common as are falcons, which nest in the rimrocks, and other birds of prey. Having seen meadow larks and bluebirds in other parts of Oregon, it seems to us that these species are even more brilliantly marked here in Oregon's Outback.


Rogue River Region

Southern Oregon's landscape of prairie, basalt rimrock, seasonal ponds and oak woodlands harbors some of the state's most diverse wildlife areas. The Wild & Scenic section of the Rogue River is a brooding area for Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Egrets, Pileated Woodpeckers, Scarlet Tanagers, Canadian Geese and Ducks.

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