Lakeview furniture maker Bob White

Creating fine furniture from reclaimed, neglected lumber

Five Reasons to get Running to Southern Oregon

Winding between the wooded hillsides of the Siskiyou Mountains and the Cascade Range lies one of Southern Oregon’s biggest secrets — superb running trails.

Best Eats in Roseburg

Area restaurants feature Syrahs, Tempranillos, Rieslings, and other bottles from the more than two-dozen local wineries, and chefs regularly serve steaks, salmon, trout, berries, hazelnuts, and veggies sourced from local farms and rivers..

Hay Wagon

Corn Mazes, Pumpkins and Hay Rides, Oh My!

We all know that Oregon is beautiful, but fall takes the cake.  There is tons of fun to be had at pumpkin patches that include corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin chunkin’, and more.

Rafting the Rogue River

The Wild & Scenic Rogue River isn’t just your average 215-mile river starting at Crater Lake in Southern Oregon and ending at the Pacific Ocean.


Winter Angling in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon has long been recognized as home to some of the world’s most revered winter steelhead fisheries



Southern Oregon Outback’s Lake Country

Looking for an old-fashioned road trip? The Southern Oregon Outback is just the right destination with great hiking, bird watching, boating and other outdoor pursuits.

Summer Weekend at Crater Lake

Some of America’s greatest authors have waxed rhapsodic over the sight of Crater Lake’s blue waters. It’s the same view that compels people from all over the world to visit Oregon’s only national park.

Cute store fronts in small town of Oregon

Enjoy Small-Town Life in Central Point

Take a stroll and enjoy this cute little town where parks are hidden around every corner offering shade from old-growth trees, or enjoy a night out at one of their many restaurants in old town.

Southern Oregon Makers: Beam and Weisinger

The true spirit of Southern Oregon’s entrepreneurs can be found all around. 

The Great Umpqua Bash

Let us show you what the Great Umpqua has to offer, our gem of scenic beauty and recreation! There will be outdoors celebration events for everyone from the Headwaters to the Pacific.

The Ultimate Oregon Wine Experience

Taste everything that makes Southern Oregon one of the world’s most renowned wine destinations at this annual taster’s festival in Jacksonville.

Country Charm in the Applegate Valley

Pop into these traditional country stores for a taste of rural life — pack a wine-country picnic, fuel up for an adventure and ease into a more relaxed rhythm.

Girl running through pumpkin patch

Fun Fall Events in Southern Oregon

Every tree bursts out in beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows making for the perfect weather to get outside and with that comes pumpkin patch fun, harvest celebrations and more!

Galice Road: Gateway to Rogue River Beauty

All we knew was the road followed the Rogue River. Our map showed us where we were going but it was impossible to realize what we were about to experience.

A Ride Back in Time

Some bike rides are about the road – the climbs, the descents, the challenges. Others reveal discoveries along the way. A loop from Jacksonville unveils a rare look at a slice of Southern Oregon history.

Beer tasting tray

Beer Taste Your Way Through Medford

The local craft beer culture is alive and kicking in Medford and we couldn’t be happier to be in the middle of it!

A Fun Family Weekend at Wolf Creek Inn

We felt like we were stepping back in time and I wish that I had donned my best hat.


Wild & Scenic Rivers in Southern Oregon

So Many Ways to Celebrate 50 Years of Wild Rivers in Southern Oregon

Kids Find Their Fun on the Zipline

There are new sounds coming from the trees in Southern Oregon. It’s the unmistakable laughter and shrieks as children get their chance to ride ziplines.

Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway Delivers

Our group of four had just completed the first big climb of the Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway, an initial 2,600-foot grind from Ashland…

Video: the historic Applegate Trail

Explore all of Southern Oregon’s geological and cultural wonders along the historic Applegate Trail route.

6 Ways to Explore Ashland

In Ashland, nature and culture are in league for an exhilarating getaway.

4 Days of Family Fun In The Rogue Valley

It has only been a few years since our family moved to Southern Oregon and fell in love with the storybook scenery.

Southern Oregon Makers: Wooldridge Creek Winery

First-time visitors to Wooldridge Creek Winery in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley could be forgiven for thinking they might stay briefly, sample a wine or two, and move on to the next vineyard down the road. But…

Southern Oregon Maker: Market Master Mary Ellen DeLuca

The most delicious selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, Oregon is just the beginning.

Nibble on This:

The Oregon Cheese Festival Tastes Great

5 Ways to Cycle Southern Oregon

From the blue waters of Crater Lake to the rolling mountains of the Southern Oregon forests.

The Sweet Life in Ashland

I see the future, and it’s covered in chocolate!

Birding In The Klamath Basin

Bird watching is much like a treasure hunt. You start with a list of birds to see and pictures to help identify them.

Explore The Circle of Discovery

Thousands of visitors a year are drawn to Crater Lake, and for good reasons.

Snow Play in Southern Oregon

From Diamond Lake to Hyatt Lake there is a winter wonderland for everyone.

Winter Fun For Everyone

in the Southern Oregon Cascades at Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods

Warner Canyon’s remote, beautiful and nostalgic ski area

deep in the Southern Outback is fun for the whole family

Southern Oregon Creativity

on show at Kerby’s Guild Gallery and Art Center

Rogue Winterfest

Ring in the holidays Southern Oregon-style with food and wine and good cheer at the annual Rogue Winterfest in Grants Pass.

Ashland Culinary Festival

Four days of celebrating the Rogue Valley’s culinary delights!

3 Days Along the Rogue in Grants Pass

The best river town in Oregon boasts theaters, art in the streets, happening restaurants, a now-famous wine scene all in a quaint downtown national historic district.

3 Days for Kids in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is best known, perhaps, as a gateway to Crater Lake National Park — and yes, you must go during your stay — but this town has much more going for it than an easy commute to one of the world’s most scenic lakes.

3 Days in Medford and the Rogue Valley

Medford and the Rogue Valley are the stage of Southern Oregon and the western gateway to Crater Lake National Park.

A World of Butterflies

Tucked along the banks of Oregon’s famous Umpqua River in the small wine-producing town of Elkton.

Harvest is on for Applegate Valley Wineries

The best wine country tour is the one you want to tell your friends about.

Ride The Crater Lake Rim On Your Bike

Here’s your chance to enjoy one of the most spectacular bike rides in America with views of the Oregon Cascades and the bluest water in the world

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

The Southern Oregon music scene like you’ve never seen before.

Wildlife Safari

Where the wild things are. “Just sit back and relax as we embark upon a journey across three continents – Africa, the Americas, and Asia.”

Enjoy Crater Lake’s ‘backyard’

There’s plenty to do in Northern Klamath County!

Running Y Ranch: Klamath Comfort

Anyone who likes exploring the outdoors should have the Klamath Basin on a destination bucket list.

Ride the Rogue

Whitewater rafting on Oregon’s Wild & Scenic Rivers offers breathtaking scenery, abundant forests and waterfalls, and a full range of mild to expert trips.

Scenic Drives

One of the special treats of vacationing in Southern Oregon is exploring historic timber and agricultural communities that have lived off the land for decades.

Ride the Rogue

A ride on Hellgate Jetboat Excursions might be described as the best

Trips To The Oregon Caves

Some things to do in the caverns of Southern Oregon