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Rogue River to Central Point, Eagle Point to Prospect – Add These to Your Bucket List!

Whether you enjoy scenic hikes, rafting the white waters, or just grabbing a picnic lunch and relaxing by the quiet flow, the land and scenery are something to behold.  You will definitely not want to miss any of these, so add them to your bucket list now!


Storytelling Stone at Ti'Lokimh Falls on the Rogue River in Gold Hill

Walk Where the Takelma Tribe Walked

In 2008 the Rogue River dam was removed to allow salmon to swim freely and come back to their habitat.  In 2010 the city of Gold Hill petitioned to restore the ancient name Ti’Lomikh Falls as it was originally named by the Native Americans  that originally lived on the land, and a loop trail of 2.7 miles was builts so we could visit this historic site and to view the beautiful rapids as well as pay respect to the tribes.  After you hike to the falls you can drive just five minutes to visit the Storytelling Stone where the Salmon Ceremony was celebrated annually  and where Takelma elders told the story of The Great Dragonfly to keep peace among the tribes.  See more details HERE about the history and the future plans to build the First Nations Monument representing the nine recognized Tribes of Oregon, plus one for those with a recognized tribe.


If you’ve traveled in California you’ve seen The Mystery Spot bumper stickers all over the place!  Well, southern Oregon has their own “mystery spot” at The Oregon Vortex!  See things that test your knowledge of perspective, view the phenomena in the House of Mystery, and more.  It’s a fun spot to take the kids to learn about science while having fun!


Caveman Blue from The Rogue Creamery


If there is one thing that Central Point is known for it is the Artisans Corridor!  At The Rogue Creamery sample handmade cheeses including a variety of blue cheeses.  They just won the world title for best cheese in the world at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in Italy.  You can also get the most amazing grilled cheese drizzled with honey.  At Ledger David sip on award winning wine on their charming outdoor patio, and then you have to stop into Lillie Belle Farms Handmade Chocolates where I never leave without grabbing some of their Lavender Caramels. It’s a food lover’s dream!

Upper Table Rock - White City - Travel Southern Oregon - What to do in Southern Oregon Upper Table Rock – Photo credit: Amalie Dieter


Hiking the Upper and Lower table rocks takes you to amazing heights showcasing the beauty of our area.  Upper Table features a boardwalk that goes over vernal pools in the spring and fall.  Also found on the Table Rocks during the spring is the Dwarf Wooly Meadowfoam; a flower found nowhere else in the world.  Wildlife abounds so children and adults alike will be enchanted.  Be prepared with lots of water because once you get up top there is no shade.  Since this is one of the more popular hikes in the area, we highly suggest getting out early to avoid the crowds!


Get a history lesson while getting your adrenaline rush on a Rogue Jet Boat Adventure!  We love these smaller jet boats because you can really feel the rush of the river under you.  Travelling from Rattlesnake Rapids west of Eagle Point to the former Gold Red dam you get a 30 mile round trip and a stop at their private Discovery Park where you can relax or even rent a paddle boat or kayak.  It’s such a fun trip for the kids!  They also offer private concerts during the summer months making for a unique and fun date night.  Get more information on their website HERE



A southern Oregon summer isn’t summer without rafting the Rogue River and if you want to raft one of the calmer parts you have to drop-in at Lost Creek Dam.  The rapids are really mellow and you can take a self-guided trip without issue, just reserve your raft at any of the rental places in Shady Cove and they will give you the basics on how to take your own half day trip that takes you right to Shady Cove.  Don’t want to go on your own?  There are guided trips available too from places like the Raft the Rogue Raft Rentals.  Make sure to wear your lifejacket for safety and have fun!

Natural Bridge Viewpoint - Prospect - Travel Southern Oregon - What to do in Southern Oregon


The Rogue Gorge and Natural Bridge hike is nothing short of magic.  On the Natural Bridge hike and see where the Upper Rogue Wild and Scenic River disappears 250-feet into an ancient lava tube that runs underground and that has formed a natural land bridge.  Take the 3.5 mile hike to see fantastic views of the river as well as a lot of nature.  Follow it all of the way to the Rogue Gorge where you will see a river canyon along with pot-hole formations, and more lava tubes.  If you would like to shorten the hike take the loop at the Natural Bridge Campground and return on the Rogue Gorge Trail to your car.

When you are finished with your hike you must stop in at Beckie’s at the Union Creek Resort for delicious home made pies and home cooking!

Mill Creek Falls - Travel Southern Oregon - Waterfalls


If you are looking for an easy hike for the family, Mill Creek Falls offers a beautiful 1.4 mile trail that takes you to two stunning waterfalls.  The hike is through gorgeous, lush green forest and moss covered rocks.  When you hit the fork in the road take a right and you will see Mill Creek Falls, a 173 ft fall on the left.  When you continue on the path you will run into Barr Creek Falls, a 240 ft fall that will be again on your left.  There is a rock outcropping to get your photos and if you go in the spring it’s a double fall!

As you head back on the path you came if you head to the left from the fork you will get to explore the Avenue of the Boulders, a magnificent showing of the power of the mighty Rogue River.  Scramble up and over giant boulders and find swimming spots, and places for the kids to slide down.  Rock climbing enthusiasts come to boulder around even!

BONUS  we highly suggest driving into the tiny town of Prospect and visiting Pearsoney Falls.  It’s less than a ¼ mile hike to visit the falls

As you continue your exploration of southern Oregon you can see that we are surrounded by stunning beauty at every turn.  Next up, Medford and Jacksonville!