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Southern Oregon Guild of Artists

by Korrin Bishop

A bright yellow and orange sign on the northbound side of the highway points you to the Guild’s Gallery and Art Center—a must stop for any traveler. “Like southern Oregon, the works in the Gallery are quite diverse. People who visit the Gallery for the first time are amazed at the beauty found there,” shares the Guild’s Vice President and Acting Treasurer, Donna Parrish.


Indeed, the Gallery and Art Center is filled with an array of mediums from dozens of local artists. Hanging on the walls are colored pencil drawings that look so realistic you have to blink a few times before realizing they’re not photographs. Paintings capture the unique imagery of the region with each careful brushstroke. Glasswork and pottery dance the line between everyday function and the indulgence of beauty for beauty’s sake. Writers capture the area’s stories through literary journals and children’s books. Hand-knit and needle-felted work transforms the fur of nearby llamas into treasured gifts. The Gallery is an artistic rendering of the vast biodiversity of the surrounding Siskiyou Mountains.

“There is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘industrial’ when you get off the beaten path in southern Oregon. There is instead fresh air, lots of nature, and an abundance of creativity,” explains Guild President and local writer, educator, and fiber artist, Joyce Abrams. “As president, I believe that my most important role is to activate our vision for the Guild as an ever-expanding vortex of joyful creativity in the region.”


Hours are 10am – 4pm Tues-Sat (or by appt.)

Guild Gallery & Art Center
RCC Kerby Campus
24353 Redwood Highway
Kerby, OR 97531