the Oregon Caves

Take the unique tour through the Oregon Caves, a trek along an asphalt trail complete with low ceilings, narrow passages and an occasional tight squeeze. General cave tours with a forest ranger include a 90-minute discussion of geology, fossils, wildlife and bats within the caves and the watersheds and old-growth forests around them. In the summertime, visitors can sign up for off-trail cave tours, which introduce visitors to caving techniques, etiquette and conservation. Summertime candlelight cave tours offer a sense of how the caves must have appeared to the first explorers. For something spooky-special, come back in October for haunted candlelight tours.


Oregon Caves National Monument

The Oregon Caves is one of only five national parks or monuments in Oregon. The 480-acre Oregon Caves National Monument, located in the Siskiyou Mountains at elevations from 3,800 to 5,460 feet, was created in 1909. Temperatures in the caves hover around 42 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The caves are home to one of the largest, most pristine, and most complete segment of old oceanic crust in Western America.

Oregon Caves Lodge Port Orford cedar siding const 1934

Oregon Caves Chateau

Leave your digital devices behind at this historic rustic retreat 20 miles from Cave Junction along Highway 46. The Chateau is across a from the famous Oregon Caves National Monument, and while the caves are the primary attraction, the chateau is a destination in its own right. This six-story 1930s structure built with local timber and stone is a genuine Oregon experience. You will find a huge stone hearth and sprawling lounging area and a small creek that runs under - and through – the restaurant and gift shop.


Illinois Valley

Between Grants Pass and the Coast you’ll drive straight through the scenic Illinois Valley on the U.S 199--the Redwood Highway. The Valley’s top attraction is the Oregon Caves National Monument and high mountain lakes, wild rivers, aro­matic firs, pines and cedars, and countless hiking trails surround the monument pro­vide additional reasons to make this a “must-see” attraction. The Visitors Center on the Caves Highway (Route 46), near the intersection of Highway 199 can provide complete information on the area.

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