Length: 47 miles
Difficulty: Moderate  
Altitude Gain: 5,085 feet 
Start: Rocky Point, Klamath County
Attributes: 1-Day Ride, Crater Lake National Park, Quiet, Low traffic volumes
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Route Description

This bikeway extends from the historic town of Rocky Point to the south. and Crater Lake National Park to the north. The bikeway mirrors the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, one of just 31 All-American Roads in the USA, and is ruled by soaring volcanic peaks, snow-capped mountain views, visual evidence of active volcanoes, the smell of mature forests and fresh water, sounds of nature, including a lot of silence, and a never-ending visual display of beauty, including Oregon’s #1 Wonder: Crater Lake National Park.

Riding beneath mountain silhouettes lies a mosaic of shallow lakes, rivers, marshes and grasslands forming one of the nation’s top birding hotspots: The Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Offering diversity, this bikeway traverses dense forests, broad wetlands and pastoral farms and ranches.

The diversity of scenic landscapes, wildlife, and access to large expanses of public lands are primary reasons Klamath Cuonty officials have applied for Oregon Scenic Bikeway status. The route includes strategically located Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway interpretive centers at Pelican Guard Station, Crystal Springs rest area, Annie Creek sno-park, and Crater Lake National Park.

These architecturally attractive portals offer toilets, interpretive panels, and picnic facilities. Low traffic volumes translate to a nearly-vehicle-free, quiet, and safe ride for all. The sounds include abundant nature, and the silence of riding through scenic lands.

Road surfaces receive praise from cyclists as do the wide, well-marked shoulders. This route is already known among active cyclists.