Coyote Trails School of Nature

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2931 South Pacific Highway
Medford, OR 97501
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Coyote Trails' goal is that students of all ages from all communities have the opportunity to deeply connect with nature. We maintain a Nature Center in Medford, Oregon, and a wilderness campus outside of Ashland, Oregon. We are always broadening our list of community partners to enable more students to enjoy outdoor learning adventures, and welcome inquiries from organizations that share this goal.

What we offer:


"To pass along the art and science of backcountry wilderness ethics so that people of all ages will embrace a healthy understanding for the inner relationship of all things."  


"Preserving our common heritage and the natural environment through the art and science of earth-based traditional living skills."


All Coyote Trails School of Nature instructors are trained in the art of living in the wilderness. Our curriculum consists of skills and traditions, also known as “primitive living skills,” from indigenous cultures all around the world. We teach through the adventure of new experiences and guide students to a grander appreciation of the natural world and a higher level of connection, awareness, self-reliance and confidence in the outdoors.

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